domingo, 19 de junio de 2011


I think I learnt the best way even though it was more painful. I had a taste of fake love and now I know the difference between someone who truly does want me and someone who acts like they want me just to get in my knickers. It’s tough and I’ll never trust anyone. I could be with someone who loves me to pieces, but it will never be real because I won’t let myself fall for anyone. I’d rather be with someone who will always have something missing than be with someone who could break my heart. But then again I will never know whether it’s worth it. Whether that strong of love is worth the risk of a hurt soul or whether it’s better to be content and sane with someone. You never know, I could break someone else’s heart the same way he broke mine. I would never dream of putting someone through that much pain, but if it saves myself, I’d rather be selfish.

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